Summer Pellets

Our popular Barley & Molasses Pellet with the addition of Alltech Optigen. We have formulated three inclusion rates of Opitgen so you can tailor the pellet to suit the conditions at your place.

Energy 12.8% MJME/kg DM
Crude Protein 9.6% Minimum
Fibre 3.9% Maximum
Salt 0.35% Maximum 

Ingredients Selected From:
Hammer Milled Barley, Molasses (9%)
Feeding recommendations:
When introducing stock, commence at low levels and then gradually build up to the required intake over a two week period. 

Do not increase feeding levels too quickly.  

Offering a Fibre source in conjunction with lush pasture can be beneficial. 

Prevent gorging by trying to ensure that each cow receives her allocated allowance.