Health and Safety At Your Place

As a service provider we are delivering to hundreds of farms, NZ wide.

We receive several Health & Safety Plans and Contractor agreements each week, some of these are 60 pages or more.

It is not practical or even possible for all of our number of drivers, reps and technicians to have read your latest safety plan and signed it and remembered the important stuff when visiting your place.

With some advice from Worksafe NZ and help from some of our farmer customers, we have developed a DELIVERY SITE AGREEMENT, this is the safety plan that our team adhere to when at your place.

This is not meant to replace our obligations to adhere to your rules, but to bring them together in a common format that makes us both comply to legislation and offers practical rules to keep our people safe.

  • The Delivery Site Agreement covers
  • WSF’s Commitment to Health & Safety and our obligations to our employees and contractors
  • A Hazard register detailing the Hazards relating to the activities we undertake on farm. 
  • WSF staff will stay within the immediate area of the work/delivery being undertaken. 
  • Our promise to report any hazards and accidents or near misses as they may occur at your place.We will sign (or text) in and out where required. 
  • If there are particular hazards in the area of delivery (like overhead powerlines near auger delivery area) we will note these and they will appear on all your order forms. 
  • The main contact person will be noted on all order forms so drivers can make contact in the event of accidents or for reporting damage or hazards promptly. 
  • WSF will leave a docket in the office or other suitable place detailing the delivered product. 
  • Clients/farm operators can download the latest version of the Delivery Site Agreement here at any time for your records.

Have you covered Molasses Tanks in your safety plan & Hazard Register?

Do your staff know never to enter a molasses tank or silo?

Molasses Tanks : No one should ever enter a molasses tank, they can asphyxiate quickly.
Water or other contaminants can make their way into a molasses tank and start fermentation, especially if you have used a different feed in the molasses tank before.
The space above the molasses can fill up with Carbon Dioxide and a person entering the tank to clean it or retrieve something can collapse instantly, and so to can any person trying to rescue them.
Silos: People should never enter a silo with product in it without proper training an equipment, a person can easily drown in product, be crushed or caught in augers