the Best Feed Trailer In New Zealand
Valued at $6400 + GST 
Congratulations to Johno & Linda Riordan (and Bo the dog)

We were thrilled to hand over the amazing Winton Stock Feed trailer to a well deserving couple this week.

Pictured is Pierre Neame (General Manager) and the winners Johno & Linda Riordan with Bo (Winfield Farm, Hokonui – Southland) and of course a photo of the trailer we delivered to their farm.

“What a fantastic Trailer, we didn’t realise it was so big, can’t believe how strong and well-made it is.”

Congratulations guys, we enjoyed meeting you and know you will get plenty of use from the feed trailer for many years to come.

  • This Feed Trailer has been designed in Winton for large capacity and ease of tractor loading and towing. 
  •  The large open bin will suit any sized farm wanting to feed out in the paddock easily. 
  • The wide bin makes loading easy and the tractor quick hitch makes hitching and towing a breeze without getting out of the tractor. 
  •  The wide bin can hold 2 Tonne of PKE or up to three round bales, its easy to load which reduces spillage and wastage. 
  •  The curved shape means cows can reach all the feed.

Closed on 1st August 2020