Conedose: Mineral Dosing Made Easy!

What is Conedose?

Conedose is an on-farm mineral dispensing machine that is very easy to use, very economical, and very effective.

A wide range of insoluble macro minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc.) micro minerals (copper, iodine, selenium, etc.) and additives (rumensin, salt, etc.) can now be added to molasses for in-shed feeding to cows. The farm designs a “mix recipe” to suit their requirements – this is the blend of minerals and molasses – the farm can change the design at any time, and to suit seasonal requirements. An operator makes the mix in the Conedose machine – this mix can be up to 1200 litres, and is normally enough for 2-3 days feeding.

The Conedose machine has feed pipe connections directly to the milking shed – as cows enter the shed, the machine automatically feeds each cow the prescribed volume of mix. Cows love the taste of molasses, and it is very easy to dose minerals this way. See below the calculator used for the Condose machine

What farmers are saying about CONEDOSE…. 

"At Kintore Farm we have been using the Conedose system to get both micro and macro minerals into the cows on our two dairy units, we have found it to be more reliable and accurate than dusting and water dosing proven through blood test results. It is also labour efficient and more cost effective than mineral feed pellets. I would recommend Conedose to anyone who is looking at reliably getting minerals to their high producing cows in a cost effective way.
Nick Hoogeveen – General Manager Kintore Farm Ltd.

In pasture-based dairying, getting the correct amount of macro and micro minerals into every cow, every day is a real challenge. Not getting mineral dosing correct is a huge cost in terms of feed conversion efficiency, production and animal health.

Conedose solves the problem! Conedose is a mineral dosing tool used to mix a range of minerals and additives to a molasses base, which is then fed to cows in the milking shed, every cow every day!

Benefits Of Conedose


Lower cost mag oxide instead of mag chloride or mag sulphite

Lower cost limeflour instead of calcium chloride 

Lowest cost means to deliver micro minerals and rumensin

Save on labour and fuel costs- less time needed

No wastage like dusting, or feeding minerals on the pad


Prepare minerals any time that suits 

Single mineral system - easier and simpler to change regime 

More reliable dose than feed pad, dust, trough dosatron

Molasses ensures the palatability of the mineral mix

Certainty of mineral dosage, regardless of weather conditions


Less milk fever, less lameness, less ketosis, less mastitis

Higher six-week in-calf and tighter calving spread

Less dust means less pneumonia for cows 

Less medication, less vet bills

Highly accurate dose and certainty of delivery


Molasses improves palatability and feed intake

Correct minerals improve appetite and feed intake 

Better feed conversion efficiency

Improved fertility rates
More milk produced

How Does It Work?

Conedose uses compressed air to mix minerals with molasses (think boiling mud pools in Rotorua).
The circulation of compressed air and the viscosity of the molasses holds insoluble minerals in suspension.
This mixing system is very effective and reliable, and ensures the correct mineral dose reaches every cow, every day.


Develop a mix recipe (how many kilograms of each mineral, additive and water) – this is easy to do, we will show you how.


When the recipe is decided, it gets loaded into the Conedose Control System.


When you are ready to make a mix, press the auto “make a mix” button, and Conedose will automatically fill the mixing cone with the correct amount of molasses, and the slurry cone with the correct amount of mixing water.


Conedose prompts the operator to add required minerals to the slurry tank, automatically mixing it then pumping it into the main cone and mixing with the molasses. The operator is prompted to repeat this process for each mineral additive until the recipe is complete. Conedose weighs each additive and compares against the programmed recipe for discrepancies.


When the recipe is complete, Conedose will then prime the feed lines to the shed ready for milking. When the cows enter the milking platform Conedose will automatically feed the required dose to each cow.


When milking is completed, Conedose will go through an automatic cleaning process, purge the pipe work, and will go into slumber mode awaiting the next milking.

See Conedose Working Below 

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