Supreme Dairy Pellets

Supreme Dairy Pellets are formulated to supplement the top producing cow’s requirements.The ingredients have been specifically selected for high palatability to promote feed intake 

Energy 12.0% MJME/kg DM
Crude Protein 13.0% Minimum
Fibre 5.28% Maximum
Salt 1.5% Maximum 

Ingredients Selected From:
Barley, Broll, PKE, Linseed, Coprameal, Molasses, Lime, Salt, Saroline and a specialised vitamin and mineral premix.

Feeding recommendations:
* When introducing stock , commence at low levels and then  gradually build up to the required intake over a two week period.
* Do not increase feeding levels too quickly.

* Prevent gorging by trying to ensure that each cow receives her allocated allowance. 

Ask about Custom Blends
A selection of additives are available for inclusion in the pellet to address the particular needs of your herd

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